DAY -1 (6/9/05): Cambridge, MA.  Today was Harvard's commencement.  So, I
donned a big pink robe and hung around with my fellow degree recipients,
including BBS friends Jason Casolari and Peggy Stolt.  Dagny came to
commencement as well, and it turns out that with minimal effort one can
fit an entire set of academic regalia into a single Ortlieb pannier.  In a
pinch, the diploma itself may also be transported in the same pannier. 
Just in case any of you readers are planning on bringing a touring bike to
your graduation...

DAY 0 (6/10/05): Boston, MA to South Portland, ME. After a very nice
farewell lunch with the Lee lab, my parents pulled the trusty Dodge Grand
Caravan through the driveway on the Wellman building.  We secured Dagny to
the bike rack and stowed all of my gear inside.  Being paranoid about the
safety of my steed, I spent about half of the journey to .aine twisted
around in my seat to make sure that I could still see the bike.  We had a
pleasant evening with my Uncle Joel and his wife Donna.  After dinner, I
sorted through my gear one last time to see if anything could be left
behind to lighten the load.  Meanwhile, a torrential downpour was in
progress outside, with flashes of lightening illuminating the sky.  I sat
on the bed and reflected on the fact that in all likelyhood the next time
there is a major downpour, I will be either on my bike or in my tent.  I
can hardly wait!

DAY 1 (6/11/05):  South Portland, ME to Boothbay Harbor, ME.  77.3mi.  On
the road at last!  Uncle Joel escorted us out of Portland on his lime
green recumbant bike.  After he turned back, my father and I continued
northeast along the Maine coast folloewing the East Coast Greenway (cue
sheets available online).  The route was great, lots of rolling hills and
quiet country roads.  The last 10 miles south into Boothbay were very
challenging, much more climbing than we had expected and a very stiff
headwind.  It was a very hot day as well.  Nonetheless, we made it to
Boothbay safe and sound.  No sooner did we lean our bikes against the wall
at the Tugboat in than our SAG wagon (aforementioned Dodge) pulled up,
driven by my mother.  The view from our room is great, and both my father
and I feel completely restored after a nice cool shower.  I seem to have
gotten a little sunburned on my arms, but otherwise Dagny and I are none
the worse for wear.  Now, I need to go off in search of food...